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The time is now! Come check out our newest server on the FTB Unleashed mod pack! You can find us at unleashed.diaboliccraft.com

Get ready for a new adventure!
All the best,
DC FTB Developer

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lolly_land @ Unleashed
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Staff applications

[Owner] KflowWGT aOwner posted Mon at 9:16
Staff applications are now being accepted you can email us at DCStaffapplications@outlook.com Myself, Chairman,Developers, and head-admins will have access to this email account 

Tekkit classic towny ~ Need more staff from Aussie to Sweden, and the UK

Tekkit classic PvP ~ All time zones

FTB ~ Looking for Mods 

DrugLife ~TBA

Vanilla PvP ~ TBA

Unleashed ~ All positions are opened!!!!!

Example for the email


Server name: Tekkit Classic Towny
Server ip’s: mc.diaboliccraft.com
position: Trial-Mod
Skype name:Unknown

A brief bio about yourself.
(example) My name is Justin and I am a 22 year old Military veteran. I served 3 years right out of high school. I am now attending the University of Washington for a CS degree. Obviously, I love streaming and playing a variety of video games.

1.what is diaboliccraft to you':

2.What set us apart of any other server: 

3.What you can you give towards diaboliccraft?:

4.What plugins do you have experience with?:

5. What is your goals moving forward:

I'd like to welcome the players of Vito-craft as they have merged there community in with ours, the server is a drug server which was renamed from vito-craft to druglife, the leader developer over that server is 

Don_Vito, i hope everyone can get to know him he is a awesome developer and a server owner, and maybe soon we can get to work again on a bigger hub network with different outlooks than just the original towny facitons skyblock creative minigames ect. and we can do something bigger and unordinary
[Member] xMrScofieldx Thanks for the Welcome ...

Voting Shop

[Dev] Borris_ZA a posted Thu at 10:58
I disabled the voting shop for now until revamp so what you guys can do i gather up some points because there is coming big things to DiabolicCraft that the voting shop concerns.


Message from zuczok

[Owner] KflowWGT aOwner posted Thu at 8:09
Sorry Diabolic Crafters,  Me and surly all the other staff is feeling really mad about the Sessions / logins are keep being timed out. but i would just like to let you know its not the server its the sessions / logins! If you can't connect to the server please check here:  http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ Or go to the homepage to see if its the server, Because remember we as a staff want to keep the Diabolic Crafters Up to date with whats going on with the server's!

Best Regards
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