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Regner6 a posted Thu at 16:37

Has been officially opened. Voting rewards coming this weekend. 

On server update's Backflip2 has been removed from staff But we will move forward. 

Everyone let you're friends know that there's a lot that's going to happen to this server!

So due to my down time due to not having an apartment and living out of my car. I have finally managed to make it into my new place and got my interwebs back! At an awesome rate

So now after all the time that's been wasted i want to give my sincerest appology to Backflip. A lot of money been wasted. But it's time to make this server for everyone!!! 

Major spoiler... Diaboliccraft maybe coming to an END but that doesn't mean this server is gone for ever. We are changing the server name POSSIBLYYYYYYYY NOT SURE YETTTTT To Kytheriacraft. But it's in dicsussion now that i am back and able to do things..

Best regards


P.S i see a few posted on our staff post and we are still looking for staff. Send me a private message.

Permissions, Plugins, Ranks

Regner6 a posted Aug 18, 15

Ranks and permissions are all set the automation system will be fixed here soon.

Currently looking for a Staff team and a build team.

The build team will be equivelent to admins but have there own seperate rules.

Looking for mods - admins.

icefang67 Hi, my minecraft username is icefang67. I have been moderator and admin on several other servers. I enjoy helping out an ...
misterjely hey, I have been an admin/mod on various other servers and I am a long time member of diaboliccraft.
westham Hello! My username on minecraft is westham. I'm a very experienced moderator/admin and I can serve as either one for you ...

In 15 minutes Diaboliccraft will officially be online!

So long story short windows 10 short curcuited my old motherboard don't ask me how but a while ago my ethernet port went out as it was. SO now that i'm back Diaboliccraft will be opened up again here in a bit before i shut the server offline i backed it up and put it onto a flash drive so everything will be in accurate setting.

Name change in minecraft. My name is no longer KflowWGT I am moving on from the past and now trying to regain back a lot of old friends ect. My new name IGN is Regner6 Due to my massive upgrade of my computer i'll be live streaming the server more often aswell as starting up youtube series so if you want to join me let me know and we can do a series together. First series coming out will be a modpack called Aftermath

But that is it for updates. I can't wait to see you all in game!

Best regards,


backflip2 x http://www.twitch.tv/regner6
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