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Diabolic Craft is open

KflowWGT a posted Mon at 18:08

DiabolicCraft is finally out of beta stages and is now opened completely! 

Voting comp.

1st place. 

Ultimate donor rank

2nd place

Support donor rank

3rd place.

Vip donor rank.

The diaboliccraft staff is more then happy to welcome all new members!

Update on Diaboliccraft

KflowWGT a posted Sat at 15:18

We have changed our domain back to Diaboliccraft.com the ip's will be play.diaboliccraft.com

The reason the server is down, Is because we are currently in the process of switching host's we are currently waiting for our New Dedicated server to be ready.

Diaboliccraft has returned

KflowWGT a posted Jul 15, 15

Diaboliccraft has returned, Server officially launching friday night!

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