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I'm would like to Announce out the next 4 People who donate $25.00 will be able to beta test the G mod server with Nainbarbu and myself!!!!

I'm Excited to work on this project new website just bought Db-Network.com


nate800 Ultimate oh right gmod... I thought u literally had a mod named gary e.e


KflowWGT aOwner posted Sep 5, 14
Next person to donate $50.00 will be the first person to be my developer/tester for our new garys mod server

New website coming to you

www.diaboliccraft.com will still be usable!!

I will no longer be appart of the minecraft team after i have everything fixed that jake screwed up on <3 you jake but everyone knows im the boss!

See everyone on the server for the next few days!!

~Regards KFlowWGT

backflip2 Legend I woulkd like to say Welceom back Justin! and to say, the fact i havnt been on much is cuase i got back to school and i ...
amentrix Guest wow your actual selling staff.
Nainbarbu Extreme Done =D give me my special price
Tomorrow Tuesday I'll be leaving for 2 weeks giving everyone a 40% DONATOR SALE for celebration of the WORLDS BIGGEST PRICK on VVACATION but no seriously everyone enjoy the server I'm just a text message away if jake needs to get ahold of me. ADVERTISE THE SERVER OUR GOAL BY THE TIME IM BACK IS TO HAVE $500 IN DONATIONS if WE make this goal there's a hint to our next server "the little birdy intimidates the BEAST" SOOO see everyone when I get back from vacation!!!


~ Regards

KflowWGT aOwner It's not FTb either you should go ask Gary and his mods
nate800 Ultimate FTB is too laggy for me

Protection stones

KflowWGT aOwner posted Aug 21, 14
So everyone knows we still support protection stones there is a world seperate just for people to use protection stones

Many people like myself like to build alone, and enjoy the realms of tekkit. So protection stone lovers come back have fun and enjoy the game!



Buncha Server Changes!

DragsZombies aExecutive posted Aug 18, 14
For the time the server has been down, we've implemented quite a lot into it.

Here is a list of things we've added to the server:

- Towny was added in(protection stones are on their own world now)
- Industrial Credits are not craftable anymore and are being used for the servers economy
- Adding in an Admin Shop with Trade'o'matts
- 1 resourceworld 
- 2 Resource Worlds(changed due to conflicts but might change once things are configured.)
- 1 End and Nether(No Towny or Faction claiming + Non PvP) <-- Only for PvE worlds
- New Start Kit

We hope these changes perform good and we hope you like the new change.

We limited the worlds to be efficient and to keep our server memory down! It also helps with the lag. :D

As some do not know, we did have to reset the worlds due to the possibility of the worlds corrupting themselves with the changes we made. 

To even implement a new plugin like towny, you'd need a server reset in the first place, but it's for the better of the server.


Ethanmic1122 Guest these changes are amazing
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