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KflowWGT aOwner posted Thu at 17:39
If you were a Legendary, Extreme, Or ultimate Donator you are enrolled to gain up to supporter on the vanilla server just email me @ sales@db-network.com with your reciept and ill have you promoted asap!

ALL vips-premium ranks will gain the Vip Donator rank on the server again everyone email there reciept to sales@db-network.com



Downfall of the Tekkit Server

DB-Network aOwner posted Sep 21, 14
Since Tekkit Classic is basically dead, we are shutting down our Tekkit Classic server and going onto something more recent...

We are not completely shutting down, we are just moving into Vanilla, where the plugins are more stable and we can guarantee server up time and map resets won't happen as often.

We'll be down for a few days while we reset everything and get it all moved onto Vanilla.


Donators don't need to worry, we'll have something special for you on our Vanilla server once it's setup.

We'll release details of our Vanilla server once we get there.


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